Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our latest adventure...

is Project Wonderful! Project Wonderful is an advertising site. You create ads and then bid on different sites you'd like your ad to appear. Advertising space can start as low as $0.00. It all depends on who's bidding and how many bids there are.

Sister K came up with a few simple ads for us to use. They couldn't be too detailed since the space that we'll be bidding on is fairly small.

We currently have three ads running. One on another Etsy seller's blog and the other two of different sites. I'm hoping to use Project Wonderful as a way to reach customers outside of Etsy. More customers is always a good thing!

I'm thinking I'll also sign Mom up for it. Katie did create one ad for her but I think I'm going to have her change it to say "Fine Doll Art" instead of "Sarah Niemela".

If we ever get to the point of having our own website, or if we decide to have advertising on our blog...we can use Project Wonderful for that too. I'm excited to see where this will lead us and what results we'll see from it!

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