Monday, November 2, 2009


Kim suggested we all write down 5 things we're thankful for. I'll kill two birds with one stone and use today's blog posting for my 5 things!!

1. Naturally I'm going to say family, faith and friends. This is definitely a no brainer! Without them, I'd be oh-so-lost.

2. Etsy. Huh, you say? Without Ety, my life would be filled with laundry, cleaning and poopy diapers. My hubby is thankful for it too, although he doesn't realize it. Without Etsy, he'd have to listen to me vent every day when he got home from work about how "lame" my day was. "So-and-so bawled all day, so-and-so was sooo whinny, so-and-so pooped three times, I folded 17 batches of laundry, cleaned 3 bathrooms....etc." is what he'd be met with each and every day. See Hubby? Aren't you thankful for Etsy?!?!

3. My morning cup of coffee. Life doesn't get much better than starting off the morning right! I make sure I sit down and enjoy each and every slurp.

4. Nature. Another easy one for me. I love opening my blinds in the morning and seeing the not-too-distant mountains, now covered in snow. I love hiking three seasons out of the year. I love packing up and taking the family camping. I love watching the kids play outside. I love the peacefulness of the wilderness. I love the magestic-ness of wildlife...

5. The conveniences of this day and age. I'd be sunk if I had to live in the "olden days". If I had a dollar for every time I've said 'I'm so glad I didn't live "way back when" 'or "There's a reason I was born when I was born and not 100 years before.", I'd be one rich little gal!

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