Monday, November 16, 2009

A few blurbs

Bringing back the bullets! (It's been a while!)
  • Time got away from me this evening. (Now that's a first!) I had started working on some magnets before dinner and decided to pull them out again after the kiddos went to bed. Things just started flowing (it's kind of sad how long it takes to get the brain fired back up after not doing something for a while.) and now it's way later than I thought it would be.
  • The shop in Glenwood gets first dibs on the magnets. Whatever she doesn't take, I'll list on Etsy.
  • It'll be fun to have some fresh new product.
  • I royally messed up supper tonight. When I was at Costco, I bought a different brand of chicken bullion than I usually buy. I was whipping up some chicken pot pie for dinner and glanced at package of bullion to see how much to add per cup of water. The little picture said 1 tbsp=1 cube of bullion (which is what I normally buy.). I thought it seemed high, since I thought the ratio is more like 1 tsp to 1 cube. Being that it was a different brand, I shrugged and added in 1 tbsp per cube. What is usually a favorite meal was promptly spit out by everyone except the 2 year old (go figure, she actually ate almost all her food. The one and only time...). Hubby checked out the bullion packaging again and if I had read the directions, instead of just glancing at the picture (which I looked at three times to make sure.) I would have noticed it said 1 tsp=1 cube. The picture was wrong. The written directions were right. We had PBJ's instead...Gourmet Central.
  • I got our Christmas cards ordered this weekend. Shocking, isn't it? I've never been so on the ball! Once again, Hubby and I are absent from the picture (anyone remember what we look like?) and once again, no one matches, coordinates or looks "normal". I'm not sure if anyone even combed their hair that morning. We took the picture when we were out on our hike a few Sundays back so you can imagine how everyone looks. Another one of those "good enough" years.
  • I think about all the darling cards we get every year and vow that the next year, I'm going to take the most adorable picture ever! Every year we do it spur of the moment, without much thought or preparation. Some things never change! At least we send them...
  • I skipped grocery shopping tonight in favor of working on magnets. I'm sure my family will thank me for it in the morning. I think I'll sleep in and pull the quilt up over my head...
  • We saw a man with tattoos covering both of his arms this morning. My three year old took one look at him and said, "Uh oh Mom! That guy colored all over himself!" (a definite no-no in our house) sending me into a fit of giggles!
  • Which method of waking should I use on the Man of the House curled up oh-so-cozily on the couch (where he's been for the last hour)? Foot tickle? Cranky wife syndrome? Ignore him and let him figure out that he's not in his bed at 2 am? Send him a text? Flash the lights on and off for 10 minutes? A noogie? Looks like the possibilities are endless.
  • Good night! We'll see you all in the morning!!


Autumn2May said...

I've always been a fan of waking up my husband and pretending it's the next day and he's late for work. That one always makes me laugh! Him, not so much. ;)

Jennie :)

Anita said...

Good giggle. Did the comment about coloring get made loudly enough for the guy to hear? That's always a fun "uh oh" moment.