Friday, November 20, 2009

I gave in

I took one look at my to do list this morning and my big three year old rolling on the floor having a fit and decided I needed to employ some drastic measures to keep my sanity.

I broke open the box of "travel goods" and pulled out two fresh coloring book and a box of crayons. Viola!! Entertainment for a good hour. My three year old is still diligently hunched over his coloring book, paying great attention to staying inside the lines. He's quite pleased with his progress! I am too. Anything to keep him out of my hair! As long as I acknowledge his "Look how much I did now Mom!!", we're golden!

The two year old? Her attention span isn't so great. She decided the crayons were suckers. I managed to snag the them from her mouth as she sauntered by. She just giggled and kept going about her merry way.
(I'm not sure why the picture uploaded so grainy. It's perfectly clear in my photo editing program.)

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Hannah said...

Let me know when you are two hours away - I will start cleaning.