Monday, November 9, 2009

The loafing has started

I'm have a very hard time finding any motivation today. Last night I went to be all inspired to wake up this morning and shovel out my house. Then I woke up...and here I sit. After being on the move constantly for weeks on end, it's hard to get motivated when I don't have any firm deadlines looming.

Trust. I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy for weeks (and that is just my cleaning that's been neglected), I'm just choosing not to do it today. Tomorrow? Maybe. I'm just relishing my "freedom" today. Let's hope for some energy tomorrow...

The craft sale came and went this weekend. It was about the same as last year, so we definitely can't complain. I started taking pictures on Saturday morning, but got interrupted and then forgot to go back and take the rest. I only have two pictures to share. My three year old is convinced this picture was taken "in our old house". I asked him why he thinks that. He pointed to the chair on the table and said, "See! There's our chair." Smart little kid, isn't he?!

This table was filled with our decorative towels, rice filled heating packs and some aprons. I'm still bummed we didn't figure out a way to block off the rest of the room so you can't tell we're in a school, but such is life. Maybe next year.
Here is a table filled with all the delicious baked goods, which were a hit as usual. Yum!!
I am very thankful we had such a great crew of ladies and guys to help out with it all. It all went very smoothly!!
I opened the shades on Sunday morning and instantly felt clausty, like I was wearing a two sizes too small turtleneck. It was absolutely gorgeous out and the thought of sitting inside all day made me scream in agony! Winter is fast approaching and this might be our last nice Sunday. I announced to the troop that we were going on a family hike, much to the dismay of our 5 year old. (She's the only one in our family who dislikes hikes.)

Off we went on a fairly mellow, yet breathtaking hike. My main goal was to be outside. Mission accomplished. We stopped for a picnic lunch, a mini snowball fight and a Christmas card picture attempt. (still not sure if any of those pictures will work. I think I need to send them to my sister who has a great photo editing program.) On our way back down we met some friends on their way up. It was a two-fer...Socializing while hiking! Life doesn't get much better than that! Our 5 year old was thrilled to see her friends and hiked along happily after that. Hubby and I decided that someday we'll leave the toddlers behind and do the whole 3.6 miles to the top. We've heard there are some awesome views to be had.

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