Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brain Dumping Ahead!!

A few notes from the life of one of the able mabel's....

  • The last couple of days have found JB and I hunched over her dining room table stringing beads. Guess you could call it making jewelry. We have another sale for our church coming up. This time JB got roped into being the big cheese, for which I am very thankful it's her and not me! We're doing a project night every Tuesday night between now and the sale (April 12th). This past Tuesday was jewelry. I was the "teacher". It was like the semi-blind leading the blind....but we got it done and nothing has fallen apart yet. I've made some with the help of sister M but never on my own, much less teaching others how to do it. As the evening was winding down, JB was getting into the swing of things but we were almost out of beads. Her to Walmart in the morning and buy some more beads. We then spent yesterday afternoon (just the two of us) making a dozen or so more. It's actually pretty relaxing, this bead stringing business!
  • Our first stash-n-go pouch sold on Tuesday, a few hours after I listed it. We still haven't received payment but it's a new buyer so she/they might not realize it's a two step process. I'll send her a little note today about how to send money. We have two more listed. I really should retake pictures of one of them...sigh...story of my life!
  • We dropped off a few things at a placed in Maple Grove called The Studio at Rush Creek. My mom has taught a doll class there before. It's an art "classroom" and a coffee bar. They also have a little gift shop area. Since the commission is 60/40, we definitely won't be bringing some of our stuff there. Only the things that have a higher profit margin. She really liked our light switch covers.
  • I walked into our living room the other day and realize my baby can sit up! She was playing Little People with the other kids and sitting there like she's been doing it for years. No more Leaning Tower of Baby! She was rim-rod straight and steady as ever! (just thought I'd share....) She's nine months old so it's shouldn't be suprising that she can sit up but...
  • It's 9:16am and my house is so peaceful. I put baby back to sleep after her 6:30 am feeding and she's still sleeping. The other kids are already playing outside. The only noise in my house is the mad typing of my fingers.

Have a Happy Day!

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Jodie said...

Glad you've got a project on the go, wouldn't life be empty without those (jk):)