Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Short and Sweet

I am, once again, dashing out the door this morning to JB's house. We've been sewing like mad. Yesterday was the first day that it felt like we were getting things done. My kids ignored me and we were on a roll! Finally a day of visual progress! So much time is spent on first decided what to make with what, then coordinating fabrics, finding linings, thread...We end up with stacks of fabric everywhere and it all looks like a huge mess (okay, well maybe it is a huge mess!) Yesterday I was cutting like a madman and JB had the maching doing 90!

Ribbonrockstarhairbows is doing a giveaway on her blog using our light switch covers. You might just want to head over and check it out! I'll try get a more direct link later, I think she blogs all day long!

Off to hunch over the cutting table again today! Anyone want to come over and give us massages?


Jodie said...

Hurray glad you're getting along nicely for the sale.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Here is the direct link:
Your giveaway is getting a lot of hits! So far there are 63 entrants and I have a few more to approve in my inbox right now.

I will be closing the contest up tomorrow evening *6:00pm CST* and then I will choose a winner with the random generator and email the info to you.
Thanks again for letting me review your shop!