Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The process was a joke but...

I had the brilliant idea this morning to make a double batch of monster cookies. I haven't baked much since Lou was born.

I was off to a great start, until I pulled out the sugar tub. It was empty. So I filled it up, only to realize when I was done that part of the bag was out of the tub.

and my phone was buried under a neat little pile of sugar.

Never attempt to mix a double batch of cookies with a hand mixer. Not a pretty sight. Mission Impossible. Note the paper towel on the counter. That was an attempt to clean up an exploding egg. Ugh.

It wouldn't have been so bad had I not had to dodge a Little Blue Princess (I bent down to get a measuring cup and accidently elbowed her in the gut.),

a pajama clad, pacifier sucking toddler, (I only knocked her over twice as I backed up to get things out of the drawer. Where can I pick up one of those beeping noise thingamabobs that buses have when they back up?) and utensils strewn across the kitchen floor.

No adventure is complete without little Lou hanging over my arm, making life a little more interesting. (After feeding #1 of 1298 today, she douced my leg with a huge river of spit up. Now I smell like milk. Yum.)

The cookies did turn out decent and some were quickly devoured by all.
Delicious and messy! (Good thing I didn't wash my walls yesterday.)

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