Monday, August 23, 2010

It's been 7 weeks

since little LouLou joined our family. I'm still having a hard wrapping my brain around the fact that she runs the show. Although, not in a bad way. When she is sleeping, I sometimes forget that she's here. For example...

In the pre-Lou days when I would sew, I'd sew like crazy, making a huge mess, until about 4:00. Then I'd scurry to get my mess cleaned up before starting supper. Last week as I was a few hours into my sewing mess, I remembered I had a peacefully slumbering newborn nearby who would be making her presence known shortly. A quick glance at the clock warned me that I had very little time left to get cleaned up and dinner started before she'd wake up and need complete attention. Looks like my sewing routine has to change.

I took off to the grocery store this morning with Lou sleeping in her carseat. As soon as I put the first items into my cart (2- 20lb boxes of peaches and a case of canning jars.), she woke up hollering. Sigh. I knew and expected it, I had just hoped she's make it thru the produce section. I dragged my heavy cart around the store with her hanging over my arm. At least I was smart enough to leave the toddlers at a friend's house. Now about those peaches and canning jars...Let's hope she'll give me a few uninterrupted hours of peace and quiet sometime this week. I must be a glutton for punishment. ;)

On the way home from the store, I was mentally making a to do list for today; clean up from the weekend, organize my pantry, do a few loads of laundry, make a baby gift for Hubby's co- worker, pack up orders, exercise, vacuum out the 'Burb. Lou stirred from behind me and then I remembered she's the boss. I revised my to do list; hold Lou, feed Lou, change Lou, tend to the needs of the other kids. Anything else accomplished will be a bonus.

Such is life with a newborn. I'm not complaining one bit. It's just a matter of strategically planning what I should accomplish while Lou sleeps. The newborn stage passes so quickly that I have to remember to take the time to enjoy her fully.

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Chet and Laura said...

Yes, when all is quiet here, I tend to forget about Piper. She lets me know when I'm in the middle of something that she's still here. And the kids start hollering at me that the baby is crying.