Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

  • Good intentions seem to fly out the window rather quickly nowadays.
  • On Saturday I had good intentions of getting some cleaning done when a friend told me she was running to Glenwood. I couldn't resist hopping in her ride. I finally bought some decorations for my living room. I'll post pictures when I get them hung up.
  • When JB and Mom (note I said "when" not "if") come visit, they'll be so impressed. I've hardly ever decorated my house. Sad, but true.
  • My good intentions of getting organizing done yesterday took a hike when I found a mountain bike on craigslist for our son. It was in Aspen, which is about a hour from here. Instead of organizing, I spent all afternoon in the car.
  • I did buy the bike. I told Hubby it was in very good condition. After his inspection, it turns out it needed a bit of work. What do I know? It still was a good deal, although I probably could have talked the guy down further had I known exactly what to look for.
  • He is usually the one to go look at those things but he was working two hours in the opposite direction. I had to be his "fill-in". Pathetic as I am when it comes to that.
  • I have good intentions of getting the house spotless today since Hubby is hosting a meeting here tonight. I have a sneaking suspicion that the floors and bathrooms will get done and that's about it.
  • It's just a bunch of guys, they'll never notice. I think and hope. Hopefully they'll pause to admire the coloring all over the wall at 3 year old height. :)
  • Just in case you missed out on the giveaway on Jessica's blog, I'll be doing it on here. Just working out the details. Stay tuned.
  • Aunt Selma won Jessica's giveaway. I'm still waiting to see what she's going to buy me with her winnings.
  • Lou has been waking up and staying up for two hours at some ungodly hour for the past two nights. Yawn! She sits there and grins at me. I almost hate to "encourage" her by grinning back. ;)
  • Last night she had an outfit on that said "positively perfect". I couldn't help wondering if that was true at 4:00 am. It's true. She is perfect.
  • I was so exhausted by the time Hubby left for work at 5:00 am this morning. Lou was showing no signs of going back to sleep so I laid her down, shut the door and let her cry herself to sleep. Bad Mom, I know but I really needed the sleep so I can deal with the riff raff today. I really don't think she cried for very long.
  • Still, I have a hard time letting newborns cry. Even ask Hubby. He told me the other day that I fuss with her too much. That I can let her cry a little more. Hmmm...
  • I wonder what my chances of sneaking a little sewing in today are. Sigh. I better just wait until tomorrow when nothing else is hanging over my head.


Jessica said...

sweet! glad the giveaway worked out! give little Lou a squeeze from me, as naughty as she may be for momma! ;)

jen said...

Can't believe you're able to sneak in sewing sessions with a newborn! Then again, you ARE able mabel. The only time I touched my sewing machine this summer was to mend a rip in my hubby's favorite work shorts. It was so fun to operate my machine (even for mending!) that I didn't want to leave it! But alas, I've had to be content with dreaming and scheming.

Selma said...

Ha, ha, Ms. Mabel. I haven't had much time to shop yet, but the $40 won't go far enough for the both of us. And I want to get something pretty for myself. So there.