Friday, August 27, 2010

I've mentioned my

local "Sewing Partner in Crime" before. Well now, I've twisted her arm enough so that she's finally opened up her own Etsy shop, amylisa

It seems like she can't keep things in stock. She's only just started listing items but keeps selling them. That's not a bad thing. Here's a sampling of what she does have... The baby is not included, although she's adorable. Okay, I'm biased. She's our godchild. But will you check out those eyelashes?! To die for!! Oh yea, the blanket is cute too.
She has decked out each of her girls in their own patchwork skirt. I think her mom was lucky enough to get one too, and a couple teachers at school, and...and...There is only one size 4 girls skirt listed. First come, first serve so get a move on it!
Make sure you check her shop daily (no pressure, Amy!) to see what else is new. She'll also do custom orders so keep that in mind.

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Anonymous said...

Right!! No pressure at all!! Eeek! I need to get BUSY!!