Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A little R & R

On Sunday night, as I mentally went over my schedule for the week, I wrote off today as a day to get nothing accomplished. I had appointments this morning and many other errands to run. I figured it would take me most of the day.

I was surprised at how quickly I got it all done and was home by 1:30. Sweet! A bonus afternoon!!

I got the kids down for their naps and looked around at my house, trying to decide what to work on.
  • Cleaning? (insert nose wrinkle here)
  • Laundry? (double nose wrinkle)
  • Light switch covers? Hmm...possibly
  • Sewing? Naw. Not enough time for how much work it is to haul it all downstairs.

I looked outside at the clear blue sky and the sun streaming down and knew exactly what I was going to do. (Blogger is insisting this sentence be underlined and highlighted and I'm not sure why.)
I threw on a pair of light mittens and my vest, grabbed a cup of wild berry tea and my book. I sat out on the front stoop and caught some Vitamin D. I meant to only sit out there for a half hour but an hour went by before I knew it!

(I'm still undecided if this book I'm reading is good or not. It was recommended to me by the librarian. So far it's good enough to keep my interest, sort of, but not so good that I can't put it down.)

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Angela said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a bonus afternoon!