Friday, January 22, 2010

I woke up this morning

in a sort of funk which got worse as the morning progressed. I pulled out my sewing machine thinking I could sew my way out of it. Nope. Only made it worse. I couldn't sew straight if my life depended on it. Check it out.
Corners that don't line up, zig zagging taking a detour to kingdom come and back, top stitching having a mind of it's own...Blech!
It didn't pass QC so Babes got herself a new lovie and I decided I better stop while I was only out one blanket.
After I got the toddlers down for their naps, Baby Doll and I sat on the couch while I decided which way the rest of the day should take me.
Should I continue to be moody and roost on my rump for the rest of the afternoon, making everyone else miserable with me?
Should I pull out a workout DVD and see if I could shake this wretched-uncalled-for-no-reason-for-it mood?
Should I attempt another blanket or some more light switch covers?
Should I call a friend and do a little retail therapy?
In the end, I opted for the workout DVD route. I knew it would make me feel better in the long run and lo and behold it's effect was instant! I threw myself into it full bore and emerged as my normal self. It's amazing how much difference working up a sweat can make.
I finished with plenty of time to take some pictures of the light switch covers and magnets I did yesterday.
Let the Friday Funk be gone forever!!

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Sarah Niemela said...

So I noticed that "call mom" wasn't on the list.
But then when you decided to exercise that was really "call mom" because that is what she would have told you to do.
Besides "count your blessings", "chin up", "get off the couch", kiss your baby", ........