Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have these huge

blank spaces on the walls in my living room. I had declared that I wasn't going to buy or hang anything up until the walls were painted. Fair enough. Painting will happen soon enough so I can wait.

Last night I stopped in at Target. On my list was a pair of jeans for myself (I don't usually buy jeans from Target, but I was desperate and it was the only place open.), a swimsuit for myself (yuck. When else do you spend $40 on something that doesn't totally flatter you to the fullest? Again, I need something before this weekend and Target was my only option at this time of night.), and one more thing.

That was it. My list was 3 items long.

After I tried on every pair of jeans in the store and every swimsuit that was even remotely padded and covered all the vital areas, I wandered off to find the last thing on my list.

On my way, I found a new black hat for me (replacing the one I lost last week, definitely a necessity), a pair of gloves for Hubby (actually, make that two pairs to replace the stinky ones he wears now) and this baby... Yes, it had an orange sticker.

Yes, it was on clearance. The 75% off clearance for that matter. (a whopping $24.95.)

How could I pass it up? Yes, I did do a bit of hemming and hawing because that's what I do. Iit's almost exactly what I'm looking for so the chances of me finding something similar again are slim to none. Especially at that price. Into my cart it went.

As of this moment, I have no buyer's remorse. It's a keeper. It'll look smashing on the wall above my piano.

The gift card to Real Deals that I was saving for a clock will now be able to be used for something else. Anyone game for a trip Up Valley with me?

(For the record, I did buy a pair of jeans and a tankini top last night. Not sure if I'll keep the swimsuit yet. The jeans are a definite maybe. I'll have to try them on again. How could you not love Target when you're in a pinch?! I walked out with a bill about what the full price of the clock would have been. Love it!)