Thursday, January 7, 2010

After much talking

and no action, I finally did it. I ordered sew in tags for my blankets. I got them from Jennifer's Jewels. I had her put our name on one side and

the laundry instructions on the other. I love how they turned out! It was a bit of a learning curve figuring out how to get them "just so" in the seam.
Also on the to do list for today was to kick out as much blankets as I could since my baby model is coming over tomorrow. As I was going thru my bucket of minky, I found all these misc sized scraps. They weren't quite big enough to do to lovie so I went thru my bucket of fabric and found scraps to pair up with the minky.
Burpies, here I come! It was so fun to just do whatever size was handy.


Vanessa said...

So cute! Love the little bird appliqué.

Angela said...

Yay! Love the new labels!