Monday, January 11, 2010

All Play, No Work!

As I opened my eyes on Saturday morning, I had visions of all the organizing I was going to get done that day. Play room, girls' bedroom, laundry room...Then the kids woke up and every single one of them was cranky, feisty and downright nasty. Hubby and I realized that if we didn't get them out of the house, it would be a very long day!

Thankfully it was a beautiful day out. We packed up and headed to the hills to do some sledding with friends.
The menfolk busied themselves building a bonfire so we could roast hot dogs, while the rest of us hit the sledding hill.
Up and down we went. Zooming down the hill and plodding back up, most often with a toddler on the hip. What a workout!

What a party!

Once the snowmobiles pulled up, it was all about rides for these boys. Little ol' sleds just didn't cut it anymore.
I lived it up on the sledding hill until it was time for me to take over baby duty and let Hubby go play. Baby Doll was pretty cranky and I feared we'd have to pack up and head home early.

Thankfully she fell asleep in a borrowed stroller. As long as I kept the stroller moving, she stayed sleeping. Bliss! Jiggling a stroller and trying to take pictures is nearly impossible so this was the end of my picture taking. I put my camera away and visited friends around the bonfire.
It was a wonderful way to spend the day!


ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, that day looks like so much fun! Much better than working!

Karen said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I'll bet you did get a workout walking up and down that hill with a baby in tow. Wow! It looks like fun. I would have been sleeping like your baby after being out in the air all day like that. Fun stuff.