Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's see if

I can keep my eyeballs open long enough to toss up a blog post...It's been one of those days. Too much going on for the amount of hours allotted. But, I'm still of the living, so it's all good. This was my afternoon project. A order for a crib sized patchwork blanket for a customer. It took me a little longer than I had planned because my oh-so-sweet baby wasn't acting oh-so-sweet. It's about impossible to sew and bounce a baby at the same time. (Speaking of which, have you ever tried sewing while driving down a dirt road? I came pretty close to, what I can imagine it would be like, when I tried sewing on my card table. Whoa!! I quickly moved to more solid ground. Take my word for it...Don't try this at home folks!)

I had another customer want a blanket out a certain fabric, which I found on My cart is now $.66 away from the free shipping mark ($35) and I'm having the worst time trying to find something to add to it. I mean, as if. Usually, I'm painfully having to decide which fabrics I can live without at checkout because my total is so ridiculously high.

I must be tired....Maybe I'll have better luck shopping in the morning.



Marcy said...

gotta love! I'm with you not having a problem finding $35 worth of stuff!!

1crown3tiaras said...

Can't fill your fabric cart?? You must be tired:)