Thursday, August 27, 2009

He surprises me sometimes

this one does.

From day one, he's been glued to my side. At times it's quite maddening (especially when we're at someone's house and there are plenty of kids to play with) and others it's comforting. More often than not, he's too shy to say a boo to anyone so it always surprises me when he'll talk someone's ear off.

This morning after we had finished our grocery shopping and I was loading them into the back of the 'Burb, this man with a big white bushy beard walked by. This kid belts out at the top of his lungs, "Hi Santa!" The man, good naturally, replied, "Hello! Ho! Ho! Ho!", throwing this kid into a fit of giggles. I lost it...I could not stop laughing! It was so unlike him to do something like that. I asked him, "How to you know it was Santa?" His answer, "Cuz, he had a big mustache all over his face." (Like, duh Mom!)

As I continued loading groceries, my kindergartner asked, "What that inappropriate for him to call that guy Santa?" Whoa! Big word for a little kid! Obviously they must be learning about what's appropriate and inappropriate at school.


Leslie Lauren said...

That is hysterical!!!! I love it :) And especially that the man was so kind to play along!!

(wherethereslove from Etsy!)

Cindy and Mindy said...

I have one of those and he's 14. I'm not sure if it every actually ends!

Chet and Laura said...

My 2 year old called a guy at the park Santa but he wasn't too impressed...

Jennifer said...

How cute!! I love hearing the great things that come out of adorable kids! ;)

Frk Lundegaard said...

I LOVE you story and hope to get a Santa-look-a-like story to tell soon - 'cause my daughter has a habit of being glued to my side too. And yes! I also find it quite maddening:)