Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brain Purge #2309480

Just because it's been a while...
  • We've been invaded. By ants. Yuck. (Or have we invaded their "space"?) My kids have been gracious hosts for the invaders by leaving crumbs, cherrios and cantaloupe chunks on the floor for the ants to carry off. We've probably read them "The A Book" a few too many times. "Angry ants advance...". They're just trying to keep the peace in the house.
  • JB and her family are making an appearance to our Humble Abode this weekend. Excitement fills the air! At least for me and the kids.
  • All Hubby can think about is hunting, which opens on Saturday.
  • There are perks to his one track mind....all our kids, right down to the baby, now know how to call in an elk, should the need ever arise. What? You mean, you don't need to call in elk on a regular basis?!? Yeah, our house sounds like a herd of cows being strangled.
  • This is one of my favorite pictures of her so far. It totally captures her usual expression. I can't help but smile while looking at it.
  • As real life is interfering with able mabel life, I'm starting to raid my Artfire shop to keep my Etsy shop stocked. Robbing the poor to feed the rich...
  • I got my cart filled at fabric.com. I bought some chalk cloth to make chalkboards/bullentin boards for our church craft sale. I'm going to layer cork and batting (so I won't need such a thick layer of cork) and cover it with the chalk cloth. We'll see if that idea works...
  • Speaking of the craft sale, I went over to a friend's house yesterday to work on some flower headbands and clips. We managed to get quite a few done despite all the toddlers at our toes. It's always fun to work with someone else! I realized as soon as the table was filled with wonderous color, that I forgot my camera at home. Shoot! (or I guess, I couldn't shoot.)

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