Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm slurping up

a plate of reheated spaghetti while I watch the clock like a hawk. I'm feeling very scatterbrained today. Too much going on in the next week or so and not nearly enough time to do it.

I'm clock racing this morning only to have two hours of doing absolutely nothing while I wait for our appliances to be delivered this afternoon. They gave me a two hour window and I'm hoping it's closer to the first hour. This is where it would be handy to have a laptop. I feel like I have quite a few loose able mabel ends to tie up. Instead I'll bring along a pillow that needs to be hand sewn. Too bad I don't have a few more ready to go. After that is done, I'll just hurry up and wait.

Maybe I should bring paper and a pen and start making lists. It's amazing how less cluttered the brain feels when it's all written down a paper. I'm apt to have less "duh" moments.

Like this morning...I went to Wal Mart (I hate that store, have I told you that before? But I needed thread, batting, Diamond Glaze (which they were out of. shocking.) etc.), forgetting my list at home. I had the kids along so I was doing crowd control while racking my brain for what was on my list. I managed to remember it all, I thought. I got home and started making a birthday cake for our daughter who proudly turns 5 today. Oops, no flour. I checked my e-mail to see that I had an order waiting for me. Ooops, no packaging supplies left.

The more I sit here and whine the more I realize how great the list making idea sounds. Then I'll feel like I'm sort of in control...

I think I'll wash my floor before I dash out the door. It's makes me a bit more clear headed to at least have a clean floor.

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jessica said...

Well...get used to those 'senior' moments, girl!