Friday, August 7, 2009

Drool Factor

of 10.0!

I got an e-mail this morning from Athleta, a division of Gap. I knew that Gap had this shop but had never checked out. Remember that Tight Finn in me? It immediately clicked on the e-mail when I saw they were having an up to 70% off sale.

Oh boy! Talk about gorgeous prints, patterns and colors! Totally up my alley!
They have to-die-for bags,
Yummy printed tops and

Absolutely delicious swimsuits! Not to mention everything in between. (can you tell what color combo caught my eye today?)
I held myself in check and ended up ordering one top and a swimsuit. The print I ended up buying wasn't my favorite but I have a hard time splurging on swimsuits when I'm hardly ever the same size from summer to summer. The one I bought is cute but not as pretty as the one pictured. But I liked the price (darn Tight Finn!).
(Disclaimer: able mabel will not be held responsible for any shopping sprees resulting from this blog post. ;) )

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jen said...

Looks like a perfect carry-on bag! ;)