Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm craving

a day of uninterrupted able mabel time and it's not going to happen for a few weeks or so.

We got word yesterday morning that we're able to close on the house we're purchasing on Friday. It was a bit of a surprise that all the paperwork was done this early, we figured it would be next week at least before it was all done. We're hoping to move most of our stuff in on Saturday since school starts on Monday. The less I have to drive the kids to and fro to school, the better. Hopefully I won't have to drive them at all if we get everything moved this weekend. If I'm MIA for a few days, you'll know why.

In the meantime, I hosted craft night for our church craft sale last night, we have a showing today (I'll be cleaning like mad here shortly), open house for the kids at school tomorrow afternoon, trying to finish up an order tomorrow morning, cleaning the new house tonight and tomorrow night before the carpets get cleaned on Friday. (Is it naptime yet?!?)

I suppose packing up to move is going to optional. I'm seriously thinking that we'll just gather all the laundry baskets, empty boxes and garbage bags, toss it all in and move it like that. Sounds super disorganized but I don't really have time to pack everything up neatly.

Apparently I thrive on chaos...


Glenda said...

what are ya'll crafting...I'm in charge of our church bazaar and we'll be having craft night soon. I'm always on the look out for something new.

able mabel said...

We worked on the rice filled heating packs, pebble magnets, coasters, stuffed bird ornaments.

jen said...

Let's see some pictures!!