Thursday, October 30, 2008

I was going to update last night...

after we got home from a couples evening. Then my husband muttered something about me being an Internet Junkie. I got the hint and went to bed instead.
Craft night on Tuesday turned out to be a little bit of a joke. First I went to the wrong house...part of the "growning pains" of moving to a new place...sometimes people forget to tell you the change in plans. Oh well. When I showed up at the house were everyone else was at, it turned out to be a meeting about the details of the sale itself. I shouldn't have gone...I ended up getting roped into the sale more than I want to. It's not that I'm scared of the work, I'm more worried about stepping on toes. I've been here a whole two weeks and I'm not super comfortable with making suggestions about how they should do things for the sale. Just because I've done it before in MN doesn't mean it's the right way, the only way, the best way or that it'll work down here. Whatever...guess I'll just have to go with the flow!

Sister K finally got her Etsy store up and running! I've been telling her forever to get something going. She currently only has one item listed. I was thrilled when she called me and told me she sold it after having it listed for only a day or two!
I bought her 2008 wall calendar last year and absolutely loved it! I hung all the months in a line on my office wall so I could see the whole year at a glance. She'll also do it in a bound planner style if you so choose...

I heard rumblings that my in-laws may be coming over sometime today so I better get rolling on my cleaning!!! You all have a great day!

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