Saturday, October 11, 2008

He's singing a different tune

and I kinda like it!

My husband and I have has this ongoing "conversation" over the years. It all started when we needed to buy a bed for our oldest daughter.

She says: Buy a new mattress (the thought of sleeping on a used mattress is nasty!), and look for a used headboard to fix up.

He says: Why spend the money on new when used will do just fine. We did it growning up and lived to tell about it.

Around and around we'd go until I'd finally give in and we'd get a used mattress. My solution was to immediately run to the store and buy one of those zip-up mattress covers. It made me feel a little bit better. This has happened three times now. To me, it's not a major battle worth fighting and I figured that some day he'd come around to my way of thinking. I just have to be patient until he decides it's his idea to buy new.

A few months ago as we were tucking the kids into bed, he commented on how the girls' room had a funny smell and has since shortly after we moved in. It wasn't a month later (when we got our son a bed) that he said the boys' room smelled the same way. Ding, ding!!...He finally realized it was the used beds! Most likely the headboards since we hadn't gotten around to painting them.

Now that we're moving, he's getting rid of the old beds (gotta love craigslist!) and we'll get new ones once we get into our new house. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering about us yesterday when the third story window opened and a headboard came flying out, heading for the burn pile!! I secretly smirked at the change of heart but resisted the urge to say "I told you so" because I've learned over the years that that doesn't get my anywhere.

This train of thought has gone beyond more than just the beds...We have (well, had) an old computer desk, a rocker recliner, a broken wood cabinet (small entertainment type thing), an end table...(you get the picture) that we were hanging onto "because someday we may need them and if we got rid of them we'd have to go out and spend money on new ones". Never mind the fact that they were just sitting there and not being used. Just taking up space. Now as we're moving into a smaller house with no basement and a smaller garage, things are getting pitched left and right! He's deciding he's tired of this "junk laying around"! Once again, I silently rejoiced at the new tune he's singing!

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Debbie said...

Waaahhh! I can't believe you're actually leaving now! Good thing you have this blog so I'll have a sense of connection! :) Good luck in everything!!