Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joyful Voices Clearly Ringing

at my house this morning! I'm kidding, it was the exact opposite! Whew what a way to start the day!!

  • My oldest two girls were fighting before 7:00 am, because one of the combed the other's hair too much and caused the "curl" from her french braid to disappear (it's picture day today, you know). I'm not sure why they were up so early but in the midst of it all they woke up the baby. Great.
  • Our four year old decided to dig her heels in about almost everything, resulting in her being put back to bed for a re-start.
  • Baby Doll keeps screeching at everyone because she wants a book read to her. That's great except we were all still eating breakfast.
  • At least the boys woke up happy! The older one got the younger one his breakfast and now they're both plowing thru a huge stack of pancakes. I've lost count as to how many they've eaten. Have at 'em boys!

Now that I've locked myself in the office with a cup a coffee, trying to regroup, the house is quiet and no one "needs" Mom at this given moment. Things are looking up!

I've been working on packing up our basement. The moving truck leaves in 13 days. It seems as though everytime I get the able mabel stuff packed neatly away in a box, something else sells and I have to dig thru it all to ship out the sold item. Not complaining, just saying! I had to dig thru it on Saturday and didn't put it back. Maybe I should go down, pack it all back up and test my theory...

It's a bit hard having to put my "creative juices on hold" while we get packed up and moved. It'll be at least a few more weeks until I can start digging in again. Our stuff will be getting shipped out about a week ahead of us so maybe I can sneak over to JB's house at that point and work on something!

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