Friday, September 5, 2008

Coming to you this morning from an oatmeal splattered kitchen!

It's been one of those mornings...15 month old screaming for breakfast, 2 year old needing a "re-start" on the day, three school kids in slow-mo needing help with their lunches. The solution? Give the baby her oatmeal so she can feed herself (I know better than to do this with oatmeal but what choice did I have?), throw the 2 year old back in bed (this kid is the most stubborned kid around, love him to death though!) and help get the school kids out the door (narrowly avoiding a meltdown by the kindergartner).

Now I'm paying for it...the self-feeding-oatmeal-flinging-machine made a huge mess. (this is exactly why oatmeal is not my most favorite breakfast to give the kids) Oh well! The joys of motherhood! Take the messy with the good!

I think I'm sunk....Take for example this wedding I went to last night. Someone was sitting a few benches up and had this very colorful dress on. My first thought? That would make an awesome apron! Sick, huh? You see, JB just bought a very delicious apron book with some very cool ideas in there. I can't help it!!

Next I was talking to my mom and noticed her necklace. She "cheated" and bought it instead of making it. (I'm kidding mom!) As I was laying last night I was trying to decide if I had the right "ingredients" to make a similar one today. Took me forever to fall asleep! I sometimes wonder why I bother making jewelry because it's so over-saturated on Etsy. Yet it's so much fun and I'm really learning a lot, so it's hard to stop. I guess I just have to find another outlet to sell the jewelry. Or else try to make ours so unique, they're hard to pass up!

After I get this bag listed, I'm going to gather these ducklings and head downstairs to see if I can get some able mabel work done today. I have a few light switch covers waiting to be finished and then maybe dive into the beads!


Twisted said...

How ironic, that sounds like my morning too, my 18 month old just learned the word "mess", I think she makes them just so she can use the word.

Debra said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you and your blog an award. Please check out my blog for details.