Friday, January 25, 2013


Week 4: Self Portrait.
Talk about way outside my comfort zone!!
Last weekend, I went snowshoeing with some friends.
Using my self timer and took a few pictures of myself.
Nothing like a close up after a sweaty hike. :)
(I wasn't going to post this picture but my daughter made me.)
Next I tried a full body shot so I could get the scenery.
I kept forgetting where to stand, even after a friend marked an X in the snow.
(I'm flopping my arms in exasperation at myself.)
Head over to Maaret's blog. She always has darling pictures!


Keilah said...

The first photo - what a great shot!! I'm glad you posted it! The scenery is beautiful!

Anita said...

Snowshoeing?! How fun! Great shots ... frustration and all!

jessica said...

you snow bunny, you!