Friday, January 4, 2013


I am taking part in a photography project called Project 52. 
The goal is to take a photo every week for an entire year. 
Each week we will choose a different theme to use as a prompt.
The first week's theme is "winter."  
We will post our pictures each Friday.
I am not officially part of the blog hop until next week
but I decided to take a picture today anyway.

This winter we are lucky enough to make use of the cold temps and have an ice rink.
This year winter = ice skating.
I am a fan of action shots. Love the tiny pieces of ice flying in this picture.
Also the follow thru in progress.
(click on it to make it larger)

3 kids skating, 3 skill levels.
I'm going to link Jessica's blog so you can see some of the others who are participating.
Go check out her picture here.
This will be an awesome challenge for me.
I've gotten rusty with my photography "skills".
This will force me to take out my camera more often
and put to use what I learned last year in the class I took.
I'm excited to participate!!


Keilah said...

Fun to have you join us! Love the action of the first shot. I hope you don't mind my suggestion, but I would love to see how the photo would change if you were to get down almost level with the puck and zoom in closer.

able mabel said...

I welcome suggestions because they help me see a picture from a different perspective.
When I went out to take these pics I had two goals; not to freeze to death and try see what kind of pic I could come up with using his shadow because i was shooting in harsh daylight. It wasn't until I uploaded this pic on my computer that I noticed the ice pieces, so i pretended that was my intent all along. :) i think you're right, it would have been neat to be down lower.
I have a 35 mm fixed lens so in order to zoom in I need to physically move closer to the subject. I was as close as I dared to get to a flying puck :)