Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Like mother, like daughter

Most afternoons as my toddlers are waking up from their naps,
I am in my craft room packing up orders.
Today was no different.
My 2 year came in with a huge grin and got busy playing.
When she reached under my craft table and grabbed an envelope,
 I had to turn around to investigate.
Here is what I found:
With a stack of folded blankets next to her, she was putting them in envelopes.
(Gotta love the toys all over the floor.)
Very carefully, with the seal already peeled off so the top was sticky.
(Bedhead still present. :) )
Shake it a few times.
(Monkey see, monkey do.)
Attempt to seal it up.
I missed the best picture of all though.
Right after this she put the package on the floor and laid on it.
When I pack items in a Flat Rate Envelope,
I'll squish all the air out of it so it will fit in there nicely.
I'm quite sure that is what she was doing.
This girl keeps me laughing!
She is a goofy one!

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