Friday, January 11, 2013


Week 2 of the Project 52 Photography Challenge.
This week's theme is: Getting Really Close.
One afternoon, while my toddlers were eating lunch, I pulled out my camera and started snapping.
I only have a 35 mm fixed lens so I wasn't able to get super close ups.
A paper rosette tree that sits on the shelf above my piano.
A tired and well used aloe vera plant.
Love how she holds her fork!
A tornado (aka 2 year old) knocked over the new playhouse on her way to eat.
I had just put my camera away when I spotted this...
Silly giggling girls and wiggly bare feet!
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pakosta said...

gotta love the foot peeking out from the toy! too funny!

Keilah said...

Yes, those feet are too cute! And I love the little fingers holding the fork!

Kendra Jean Photography said...

that rosette tree looks like it is super cute!

Marcy Keranen said...

Little fingers and toes, gotta love them!

maaretp said...

the feet! great!

Anita said...

I think I want a rosette tree ... beautiful! The feet are precious. I have found some of those "oooh ... one more shot" moments to bring me the shots I would have been sad to miss.