Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 4 Assignment

We had three different assignments for this week. We were given two weeks to do it because we had a week off last week.
After trying a few different times on our assignment for exposure compensation, I finally gave up and just posted something.
I use exposure compensation quite often, but we had to post a picture of what our camera suggested we set our settings to and one where we thought it was better when we used exposure compensation. I kept getting it where I liked the camera setting better, not when I used the exposure compensation feature. :)

Our next exercise was shooting in full manual mode.
This was a totally impromptu picture. The girls had rescued an old phone buried deep in the toy box. I found them out in the back yard "taking pictures" of each other with it.

As I mentally ran thru everything I needed to think about (composition, lighting, etc), I knew the background would be an issue. For a split second, I almost asked them to move to a better location but decided that if I'm going to attempt to capture real life as it happens, I have to learn to work with what is taking place. I can't always be asking people to move when taking candids.

 Instead, I moved myself around, trying to get the best possible angle. In trying to blur the background, I had to lower my aperture. It meant that Kyra and the phone are blurry too but I'm okay with that. I still chuckle when I look at this picture. :)

I only wish our fuzzy, blond haired 22 month old was still posing by the time I started taking pictures. She was being pretty funny but had lost interest before I got out there.

This one was on focus points; using the focus points on our camera screen or focusing on a subject and then moving the camera to recompose the shot.
I do prefer using the focus points without having to move the camera,
but it doesn't always happen that way.
On this picture, I set my focus points to her eye that was closest to me.
I ended up having to scoot over a bit so it was lined up right with her eye.

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