Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This week, I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. What a hoot!
It's eye candy all in one place!

I love that I can organize all the neat ideas and inspirations all in one place instead of bookmarking them. My favorites folder on my computer is a mess.

I created a board called "Board of Good Intentions" with a description of "I can dream of doing these projects, but I know I'll never get them done. :)". Are you surprised?

I'm not trying to steal ideas or pretend I'm going to make them and sell them as my idea.
I just want to give kudos to those greatly talented folks out there.

Here is some of what you can find on my board.

A ruffle shirt

Bookmarks for teachers

A felt trivet.

If you'd like to follow my pins, my boards can be found here.
Being that I'm new to Pinterest, toss me some links of boards to follow.

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