Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Stack of packages ready to bring to the post office.
My 22 month old and my baby have been tag-teaming each other since last Friday.
When one goes down for a nap, the other wakes up and is "needy".
I feel like all I've accomplished in the last few days is to hold babies.
It's not necessarily a bad thing, I just fell behind in the other areas of life.
I had this afternoon all to myself and was able to get somewhat caught up on orders.
It feels wonderful.
 Look what the UPS man delivered today.
An improved product is in the works.
I won't tell you what it is in case it's a flop.
If it is a flop, it won't be an expensive flop. :)

On Saturday, I took advantage of the arms of my oldest daughter and
snuck outside for a bit to start on my veggie garden.
This side of our house has always been pretty ugly.
Just a hose reel that is never rolled up, two window wells and rocks.

I was going to build raised beds on the other side of the house,
but my husband suggested using this area.
Great idea! Less work for both of us!
There is also a circular bed in the middle of the yard that we are using as well.

The space between the window wells and the edging was just enough for a row of beets.
I ran out of dirt after I got both wells planted.
I picked up more today so we'll see when I get the middle part done. 
So par for me to underestimate how much I need. :)

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