Monday, May 5, 2008


Every item on Etsy has a view counter attached to it. As a seller I love the feature because I like to know how many people are actually looking at our product.

The number of views something gets doesn't necessarily mean that the item is going to sell faster. Although it seems like the more people who view it, the more likely the right buyer will come along.

This particular item had less than 20 views before it sold on Friday. Hardly anyone looked at it.

This one, on the other hand is sitting at 249 views and 40 hearts. Still for sale.

I know this has been featured in a gift guide on Etsy and such but as I watch the views go higher and higher it makes me a little nervous.

I should clarify something here....When something gets renewed on Etsy, the amount of views carries over from the original listing. I did, at one point renew this one, but then Etsy had a malfunction and all the views in our shop got reset back to 1. This one actually has had much more views than 249

While I know all it takes is the right buyer, I wonder if when potential buyers look at it if they wonder if something is wrong with it because it hasn't sold and so many people have viewed it.

I would like to see Etsy make the number of views something only the seller sees. Only Nosy Rosy's like myself like to check out the number of views for other sellers and do we really need to see them?


Sarah Niemela said...

Why don't you retake the photo of your pretty box with something in it?? Maybe the viewers think it is nice but don't know what they would use it for....maybe you could offer a few different know a light switch is pretty self-explanitory, you know instantly where it would go and if it fits into your decor or not. But a box with compartments is a little bit more...hmmm...what word do I want???
Love, your mother.

-K said...

Hello, ladies. This is your sister-in-laws sister, K! Looked you up one night while browsing on etsy and remembered that you were selling there. Great stuff! Had to chime in here to piggy-back off your mothers comment re: the box. I think additional pics would be a good idea, especially if you "think outside the box" so to speak. My first thought in looking at that would be to use it for office supplies- pens, etc. What about a silverware caddy to keep it all handy at the table? Or put a narrow cylindrical vase in each opening with a single flower stem in each. (Mums? Gerbers?) Anyway... it's fun to stop by now and again and take a peek. You sure are some talented girls!