Friday, May 9, 2008

Life is good!

Oh happy day! It's absolutely gorgeous out today!! This afternoon I'm going to lace up my tennies and head out on a walk/run.

It's been a record setting week for able mabel! We've had at least one sale everyday this week! When we started able mabel, we talked about getting to this point and thinking it would be a good goal for us. We'll see if it will continue or if this week will be the only time it happens. Because I know that's a very real possibility, I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts!

We still have so much to photograph and list. I was looking at the light switch cover section of our store and thinking it could use some fresh product. Maybe I'll take some pictures of those this afternoon.

Leaving you with a bright and cheerful picture, our newest pouch...

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-K said...

It most definitely is a great day for a walk/run. I hope to get out for one myself. Enjoy!