Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Leading off with our newest listing...This is a collage that JB just finished and I'm loving it. I think we'll try to do some more similar to it.

Etsy is deadsville today, or seems like it anyway. I'm not sure if Wednesdays are always like it or what. We've made sales on Monday and Tuesday this week....

(I guess the tote was technically Sunday but who's counting.) It would be nice to keep up the trend but everytime we start thinking that, it doesn't happen. What the heck....positive thinking can't hurt! We do have a custom order that we just listed today, but this customer (her third order from us!! Thank you, thank you to her!!) usually takes a day or two to pay, so we can't count on that for today. (not complaining, just saying.)

Thanks for the comments on the last post. I will try to add some props and take more pictures. Stay tuned, I'll post them when I'm done. Slight problem...I don't think I have any flowers around here at this given moment....

After much talking, I finally made my hillbilly light box. I haven't used it yet because I don't have the right lamps. Although, maybe if I scrounged around enough between my house and JB's I'd probably find something that would work. I'm excited to try it out. If you noticed (I shouldn't even point this out...), but since I don't have a white backdrop, I've been using two sheet of white foam board. I'm not sure why they look like they're different colors in my pictures. If I had Photoshop, I could blur that line, but I don't so I can't. All you photo-smart people out there would just die at my set up! I won't even tell you about it!

The natives are getting restless....Later!

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