Friday, January 25, 2013


Week 4: Self Portrait.
Talk about way outside my comfort zone!!
Last weekend, I went snowshoeing with some friends.
Using my self timer and took a few pictures of myself.
Nothing like a close up after a sweaty hike. :)
(I wasn't going to post this picture but my daughter made me.)
Next I tried a full body shot so I could get the scenery.
I kept forgetting where to stand, even after a friend marked an X in the snow.
(I'm flopping my arms in exasperation at myself.)
Head over to Maaret's blog. She always has darling pictures!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Week 3 of Project 52.
The theme is Something Old.
I didn't put much time or thought into this week.
It was last minute when I finally took these pictures.
An old tree in a vacant lot near us.
I just love this view.
In the summer there is only a small smattering of leaves on this tree.
It's a pretty striking contrast.
Another view from the bottom, with the moon in the picture.
Head over to Maaret's blog and see what she came up with.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

instagram blast

A week or so ago, I got a new cell phone.
Although I debated about getting an iphone,
only reason I'd get one would be for it's camera.
I decided it wasn't worth paying twice as much as I pay now.
I do admit though, when I see iphone pictures,
it makes me all wishy washy again. :)
My new cell phone camera is a huge improvement over my last phone.
So, grainy pictures and all, I joined Instagram.
(my user name is ablemabel07, if you want to find me.) 
I'm still trying to be okay with the quality of these pictures.
I guess I'm just fussy.
On the bright side, these ones will make my weekly Friday picture posts look downright awesome. :)
 She got a hold of someone's homework and "did" it for them.
They didn't appreciate her hard work.
At least it was in pencil.
 How sweet is this moment?
He told me after,
"I think I learned my lesson not to eat around the baby. She screeches until I share with her."
 I made an apron for a friend last week.
I had this patterned enlarged and rolled up for a few years.
My 4 yr old was more than happy to help out holding it down for me.
I used my supply jars to hold it down while I cut out the fabric.
I watched a friend's kids last weekend.
Her baby was such a mellow fellow.
I loved lounging on the couch with him in my arms.
 My baby had a grand time "torturing" him all weekend.
We love games in this house.
Scrabble Slam.
Two 8 year olds, trying to play adult Pictionary.
There was much talking and very strong hinting the whole time they played.
Note to self: Look for the junior version.
There wasn't time on Sunday to read the paper.
Nothing wrong with picking it up on Monday morning to read it.
The sunbeams streaming in on this picture are pretty cool.
I love having him home on Monday.
He started a new job a few months ago and has a different schedule.
He works on Saturday and has Monday off.
I love it!

Helping me put the cookies away.
I only caught her a few times sneaking bites.
2 year olds are the best!
You never know what they are going to come up with.
This is her latest favorite book.
She read it one morning to her baby.
Looks like her baby is enjoying it as much as she does.
Fresh bread.
After years of resistance, I've started making bread.
It's not as hard as I thought it was.
(Thanks to a friend who came over to show me how it's done.)
I'm still not very good (notice the funny looking loaves),
but it does tastes better than store bought bread.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Week 2 of the Project 52 Photography Challenge.
This week's theme is: Getting Really Close.
One afternoon, while my toddlers were eating lunch, I pulled out my camera and started snapping.
I only have a 35 mm fixed lens so I wasn't able to get super close ups.
A paper rosette tree that sits on the shelf above my piano.
A tired and well used aloe vera plant.
Love how she holds her fork!
A tornado (aka 2 year old) knocked over the new playhouse on her way to eat.
I had just put my camera away when I spotted this...
Silly giggling girls and wiggly bare feet!
Hop on over to Maaret's blog to see her take on this week's theme!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coupon Code

able mabel recently turned 5 years old!
It's been an awesome 5 years!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Like mother, like daughter

Most afternoons as my toddlers are waking up from their naps,
I am in my craft room packing up orders.
Today was no different.
My 2 year came in with a huge grin and got busy playing.
When she reached under my craft table and grabbed an envelope,
 I had to turn around to investigate.
Here is what I found:
With a stack of folded blankets next to her, she was putting them in envelopes.
(Gotta love the toys all over the floor.)
Very carefully, with the seal already peeled off so the top was sticky.
(Bedhead still present. :) )
Shake it a few times.
(Monkey see, monkey do.)
Attempt to seal it up.
I missed the best picture of all though.
Right after this she put the package on the floor and laid on it.
When I pack items in a Flat Rate Envelope,
I'll squish all the air out of it so it will fit in there nicely.
I'm quite sure that is what she was doing.
This girl keeps me laughing!
She is a goofy one!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I am taking part in a photography project called Project 52. 
The goal is to take a photo every week for an entire year. 
Each week we will choose a different theme to use as a prompt.
The first week's theme is "winter."  
We will post our pictures each Friday.
I am not officially part of the blog hop until next week
but I decided to take a picture today anyway.

This winter we are lucky enough to make use of the cold temps and have an ice rink.
This year winter = ice skating.
I am a fan of action shots. Love the tiny pieces of ice flying in this picture.
Also the follow thru in progress.
(click on it to make it larger)

3 kids skating, 3 skill levels.
I'm going to link Jessica's blog so you can see some of the others who are participating.
Go check out her picture here.
This will be an awesome challenge for me.
I've gotten rusty with my photography "skills".
This will force me to take out my camera more often
and put to use what I learned last year in the class I took.
I'm excited to participate!!