Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 2 Assignment

I was a little behind on my lesson for Week 2 because I didn't read the directions properly. :)
 Makes me feel like a high schooler again.
Although I wasn't "in trouble" because I hadn't uploaded my assignment before I realized my mistake.

Our assignment was on freezing and/or implying motion.

I was going to turn this picture in. (click the pic to view larger)
 But then I realized for this part of the lesson we needed two pictures of the same subject doing the same thing, one that we liked and one that we wanted to improve on.
I had missed the word same. :)
I found a lot of pictures to improve on, they were just of other kids.

Good thing we have 2 weeks to complete the lessons. So today I tried again.
 This goes into the "good enough" category.
I am taking our teacher seriously when she says this assignment wasn't meant to produce great pictures. :)

The second part to our assignment was to find a creative way to imply or freeze motion.
This is what I turned in for that part.
This girl can hoola hoop like it's no big deal.
She's been known to read books while hooping.

I had tried a few different angles; from above, the side, etc.
 I ended up laying on our patio and shooting from below.
As I experimented, she just kept the hoop going and the bubble popping. :)

It was a fun exercise although my neck was sore by the time I was done.
I must have been holding it at a funny angle.

I am ready to tackle Week 3.

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jessica said...

Love the hoola hooping pic! great job!