Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 1 Assignment

This week's assignment was on the composition of a photograph.
I took over 300 pictures yesterday, trying to practice what I learned.

As I was in the middle of making supper, I looked up and saw my older kids playing outside.
Grabbing my camera, I dashed out the door muttering, "bag it, who needs supper anyway?"
I returned to find my 4 yr old in tears. "I want supper! You said you weren't going to make it.", she bawled. :) Poor girl.

When looking at my pictures, it was hard not to worry about the technical side of them.
Lighting, focus, etc, we learn that in the weeks to come.
I'm so used to editing pictures but editing is not allowed.

Here is what I turned in:
My son doing his math homework.
What I like:
The look on his face.
The fact that you can tell he's counting on his fingers.
The lighting from the left.
That fact that there is a bit of white space.

What I don't like:
My camera was tilted a bit so it feels like he's starting to slide down a hill.
His pencil kept getting in my way, I was so worried about trying to dodge it, I forgot about the window on the right.

This one is hard for me to post because it's not very good at all.
I had taken my little girls outside to play in the sprinklers that go off in our neighborhood every day.
It's really a rotten place to take pictures.
Our neighborhood isn't very pretty at this time of year.
But here it is.
This part of the assignment was to get a feel for what type of pictures we tend to take.
Horizontal vs vertical.
Off centered vs centered.
That sort of thing.

I'm only two weeks into the class but so far it's been a blast!
It will be fun to see how much my pictures improve by the end of it.

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