Friday, March 16, 2012

The story behind

Wow! 2 days in a row, I am on roll! Actually I will post as often as I have time or have something somewhat interesting to say.

Sometimes I have a product that has a short and sweet story behind it. A story that it too long for a Facebook post. I thought it would be fun to share them here on the blog.

Today in my shop, I listed this bib and burp cloth set.
The fabric I used for this set is from Michael Miller's French Journal collection.  Last fall, I ordered a full bolt of it (15 yards). It was a pure impulse purchase.  It arrived on my door step one Friday afternoon.  I took one look at it and gave myself the "what were you thinking?" lecture.

Yes, it's darling. Yes, it would make a non traditional baby blanket.  But for some reason, it overwhelmed me.  It had so many prints and patterns on it that I wasn't sure where to start breaking it up. I decided to list in for sale by the yard in the fabric section of my shop.

Within an hour of listing it, I received a message from a customer in Australian wanting to buy 10 yards of it. She was in love with it! Gone was my overwhelmed feeling and I skipped to my craft room to get her package ready to ship.

That evening, another Australian customer wanted 4.5 yards of it. Sold!

Just like that I was left with1/2 a yard. It was enough to make this set and I have just enough left over for one bib. (which will look nothing like the bib or burp cloth shown here.)

"Problem" solved and everyone was happy!

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Sammy said...

Adorable... Love the colors.