Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A new product!
A lightweight 100% cotton blanket!
There is no minky on this blanket. No chenille, flannel or batting either.
Just designer cotton backed with designer cotton.
I have been dreaming about this blanket for months but have always been too imtimidated to try it.
These blankets are made using a method called "self-binding". It means the back fabric is wrapped around to the front and frames the front fabric.

The part that intimidated me was the corners. They are mitered, or squared off nicely.
The first two tutorials I found weren't very clear on how to do the corners and I ended up with an "inside out" corner. Frustrating!
I searched and searched online until finally I found a video on YouTube that was very clear about how to do it. Sweet!

I took a little bit of instructions from each tutorial I had read, made a few of my own tweeks and here they are!
(It's amazing how a bit more ironing and a few more stitches can make the final product look so much neater.)

I am going to love using these for Baby Doll this summer.  Lightweight, colorful and fun!

Here's where I need some help...
If you were searching on Etsy, or anywhere online, what would you call this type of blanket? Which search terms would you use?
What size would you look for? I currently have 4 listed that are 24"x24". Should I do some smaller (20"x20") and larger (30"x30")?


Keilah said...

Love the michael miller fabrics! If I were searching for something like this, I might search 'lightweight blanket', or 'blanket without batting'. And I personally love the large blankets, that way there's plenty of room for wrapping, or carseat draping. Good luck!

jessica said...

oooh, these are cute! I keep waiting for you to send one to Finley... ahem, just sayin'. ;-)