Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The "yeah" girl

As any mother of a toddler will tell you, the "no" stage can be maddening, frustrating and everything in between.

In the able mabel household, we don't have a "no" kid, we have an "okay" and "yeah" kid. (not "yes", but "yeah") No complaints here. She answers all questions, statements and comments with an "okay" or a "yeah".

"Hey Mar! Wanna go play outside?" "Okay."
"MarMar, should we go to bed? "Yeah."
"Sweetie, want your diaper changed?" "Okay."
"Should we go canoeing down a raging river with 6 foot crocodiles snapping at the boat?" "Yeah."

She's a very agreeable child, indeed.

These answers are throwing her sibling for a loop though. Several times a day one of them will come tell me that MarMar wrecked something of theirs; a fort, a coloring picture, a game, etc. I give the standard reply, "Did you see her do it?" and I get the standard answer, "No, but I asked her if she did it and she said 'yeah'."

I gave up on giving my standard lecture; "She's too little to know what you're asking her and she says 'yeah' to everything." since they always insist she said she did it so therefore she did. Sigh. Useless, pointless arguments with kids is not my cup of tea. We could go around and around for hours!

I have since come up with a new standard reply when they come tattling on her; "Hmmmm, that's what you get for leaving it where she can find it." That usually sends them packing.

So Mar, what do you say if I ask you to unwrap yourself from around my legs so I can get sewing?


Thanks Sweetheart, I knew you'd go for that idea.


Chet and Laura said...

Our 18 month old shakes his head and grunts "Uh-uh" to everything we ask him. When Avery was that age, everything was yes. She even agreed that she would get clumps of coal for Christmas and no candy for the rest of her life.

Bob and Reb said...

Stella's standard answers are "Yeah.." and "Uh huh." So funny to hear them use these phrases. And yes, better than "NO!"