Monday, September 13, 2010

Vacation by the numbers

1 Suburban
4 ladies
3 babies
10 hour drive south to Phoenix
2 stops to refill gas tank, bellies and empty bladders
2 days of shopping, relaxing, laughing, eating

2 fulls days spent at Mother's Camp at Prescott
100+ Moms gathered; laughing, visiting, reunited with old friends, simply enjoying life
untold number of calories consumed
1 empty stroller being pushed around by me
1 Loulou perched on my hip more often than not
2 hands occupied by stroller and Lou
0 hands empty
2 tired shoulders by the end of the weekend

11 blankets filled with Lou's spit up
22 soiled diapers
11 outfit changes for Lou
15 total cat naps taken by Lou
4 good naps taken by Lou

6 or less hours of sleep each night
12 pictures taken

1 Suburban
4 ladies
3 babies
8.5 hours heading north towards home
3 stops to refill gas tank, bellies and empty bladders
untold number of laughs and stories

174 emails waiting
5 sales on Etsy
1 clean house
1 empty pantry
1 tired baby
1 refreshed mom
3 happy toddlers, glad to have mom home again


Caroline said...

It was fun having you around. Enjoyed our shopping outing and camp - you snuck off without saying good bye ** tsk tsk **. Hope to see you again soon!

Debbie said...

thanks for the great synopsis of the weekend ~ very clever!

Jessica said...

you forgot about your 1 visit with elderly.