Monday, September 27, 2010

Should vs Want

Do you ever feel like life is just a big choosing game between what you want to do versus what you should do? (Notice I didn't say have, but instead should. A person doesn't have to do much in life.)

It all starts at 4:30 am, when Hubby's alarm goes off. While he wants to stay sleeping, he rolls out (after hitting the snooze button at least 8 times, until finally his wife yanks off all his covers causing him to instantly turn into an icicle) because he should get to work on time if he wants to keep his job. I, his spoiled wife snuggles back under the covers because I want to get more beauty sleep.

When the kids' alarm clock goes off at 7 bells, I want to keep sleeping but I should make sure the kids catch the bus because I don't want to bring them to school and I don't want to homeschool.

I trudge down the stairs watching my step as I don't want to fall down the steps and decide what I should do for the day and what I want to do.

Laundry? (should I wait another day or does everyone still has a few clean outfits left?)
Cleaning? (do I want to waste my time washing the floor when it's raining out?)
Baking? (would anyone appreciate it, should I make something? do I have the right ingredients for what I want to bake?)
Sewing? (are there any orders I should get done today or do I want to make new product?)
Read to the kids? (are they going to want to sit down long enough to listen to a few books?)
Exercise? (I'm lazy, so I want to do yoga but I should take a break from yoga and do cardio.)
Talk on the phone? (I want to, but it's hard to talk over the noise so I should hang up for the sake of all our ears.)

So I putter until lunchtime mixing our wants with our shoulds. Then I put my kids down for naps because they should get some sleep if we want to have a less chaotic household come evening. Life is all about compromise!

Now I should quit blogging because I want to sew before I should make dinner. My family will want to eat tonight. :)

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ViKotas said...

Yep, that about sizes it up