Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wanna see some pictures?

Utah, on the way down. The lighting was unbelievable. I just shot as we were driving instead of making the carload stop.

I've never seen Utah so green! It was incredible! Flowers blooming, mountains rising in the distance, sun streaming thru the clouds.

The start of Monument Valley. This is the only picture I took. Shame on me. It's so desolate, yet so beautiful.
On Thursday Lou got to meet Grandma for the first time. She was immediately smothered in smooches. Do you blame her? :) She also got to meet Grandpa but in the only picture of them I have, Grandma doesn't look very flattering. I'll keep the Family Peace and not post the picture. ;)

We went on a walk on Friday morning. I forgot Lou's sunhat at home so I made her a makeshift one.
Our crew trudging down the road.

The desert in these parts is so amazing! I love it! (not enough to move there though.)

My sister and her fiance came in from California. We threw them an impromptu engagement party. So fun to see them!

Lou, loving the attention she got from Auntie!

Now at camp.
I busted someone sleeping with her camera! Can you guess who it was? (Did you actually sleep with it or did it just "happen" to be on your bed all weekend?)
The setting of the camp was beautiful! Unfortunately, this is the only picture of the outside I took. Pictures were hard to take with Lou on my hip all weekend long.

She did get a bit of tummy time in but only for a short while.

The view from on top. This was a pretty funny presentation, complete with cartoon pictures. Too bad they didn't show up. Love how the first few rows are empty. Typical.

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Jessica said...

yeesh! it's my security "blanket". hee.