Friday, March 8, 2013

Project 52, Week 10

Project 52, Week 10
Theme: Shadow
Time just flies, Week 10 already!
These projects are good for me because
they get me thinking about pictures I hadn't thought about before.
I love shadows but I'm not sure how to get a good picture of one.
After taking several pictures,
 I decided I like the ones that you get a sneak peek of the subject
along with the shadow instead of just getting the shadow.
I posted a mixture of the two.
I need to research more about how to capture a strong dramatic shadow.
Thursday was a beautiful day so I took my girls out on a stroll.
Tossed two of them in one junky stroller.

The other two on bikes.
Love this girl and her pony tail cruising along.
(This is where my 35mm lens is not cool. I still sometimes forget to crop my picture more than I want in my frame because edges always show up when I don't expect them to.)
Flicking something away.
I never did quite understand what it was.
I haven't yet mastered the language of a 2 year old.
Back on the driveway.
My sweet baby is learning how to walk.
Love the wet footprints in this picture!
I'm linking to Jessica's blog this month. Go check it out.

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jessica said...

looks like it was a perfect day to be outside! great shots, especially love the biking one!