Friday, March 15, 2013

Project 52:11

Project 52, Week 11
Theme: Morning Light
I ended up taking out my camera one morning
and taking pictures of what I saw around me.
Before the sun is up over the distant hills and mountains,
this little Loves is up and has usually pulled off some sort of shenanigan or two or three.
(as you can tell by her wet hair)
This morning, she was feasting on scrambled eggs with tomatoes, red peppers and broccoli.
This is not typical. She usually just likes cold cereal.
She is game though to finish off whatever is left on any one's plate.
She is quite the girl.
I went outside just as the sun was peeking up.
This is the traveling "For Sale" sign.
It keeps getting moved from lot to lot.
At this point, I'm really not sure what lot is for sale but it won't hurt my feelings if none of the lots around us sell.
I had to stay within shouting distance of the house because my baby was still sleeping.
The houses lining the street nearby our house.

 Our Aspen trees are starting to get buds on them.
The neighborhood across the gully.

 Back inside.
My morning cup of coffee.
My owl, all by his lonesome on the shelf under the clock.
He needs some company.
(An interesting point: The coffee cup picture and the owl picture are taken one right after the other, using the light from the same window. Yet, they look quite different from each other.)

The morning typically starts off with a (mostly) peaceful round of playing House.
It almost always involves going to church and singing.
Any book will work as a song book.
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