Friday, December 20, 2013

Project 52, Week 51

Project 52, Week 51
Theme: Cold
I almost screwed up on this one, thinking our theme was different.
I guess the pictures I took will work for the theme of cold.
My 2nd grader was able to take home the class snake for Winter Break.
He was one of three students who brought back a signed permission slip from home
and who earned the chance for their name to be entered into the snake sitting drawing.
I still can't believe I signed the form and his name got drawn.
We went to his classroom on Thursday after school to get a crash coarse on snake sitting.
It should be pretty easy.
The teacher told us the snake seeks warmth so it burrows under these wood shavings.
If you hold it, it crawls towards the nearest heat source (which is usually a body)
so it doesn't get cold.
(There. I used cold. A bit of a stretch but I did it. :) )
I don't think it will be coming out of it's cage much.
I'm paranoid of it getting loose and getting lost in our house.

I couldn't resist adding this picture of him putting water in the snake's dish.
He's been taking this responsibility very seriously.
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Anita said...

You're a brave one! I've critter sat a variety over the years, but never managed a snake!

maaretp said...

I agree that you're a brave one! Merry Christmas to your whole entire family (including snake). See you in 2014