Friday, September 6, 2013

Project 52, Week 36

Project 52, Week 36
Theme: The Golden Hour
This week I am settling for a picture that isn't great,
but is good enough. 
Throughout this whole year, I've tried to take my picture during the week of each theme,
 if I can, rather than relying on using a previously taken picture. 
You'd think in sunny Colorado, getting a picture at the golden hour would be a piece of cake.
But all week long I battled clouds or a couple nights I was on the road at the magic hour 
and missed the prime time.
I tried one more time on Thursday night and still had to wait for 
the sun to come out from behind clouds at times. 

I would have liked this picture to be a bit lighter but as I 
was snapping away I seemed to forget all I knew about taking pictures in this setting. 
Such is life. :)

This girl spends hours playing in the backyard,
where the kids have build a tree fort.
This month, I'm linking up to Marcy.

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