Friday, October 18, 2013

Project 52, Week 42

Project 52, Week 42
Theme: Storyboard
This week was a bit of a fail for me.
I had taken pictures of a Father vs. Son/Friend football in the back yard
on Saturday but didn't like the shooting conditions back there.
 It's cluttered with toys, houses, mail boxes, electrical boxes, shade, sun, etc.
I had intended to reshoot all this week but with sick kids, doctor appointments, evening activities
 by Thursday I was finally tackling what I needed to get done on Monday.
Instead of skipping this week, I'm going to use the football pictures anyway.
I didn't have time to put them in a storyboard frame.
T hikes the ball to C,
and takes off running.
He blows past his Dad, heading for the end zone.
C hangs out in the backfield, waiting for him to get open.
T is giddy at what C has up his sleeve. 
Quarterback sneak! T is watching Dad's face to see if he notices.
Nope, he didn't, much to the delight of T.
Touchdown for the boys!!
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